If you are relocating certain authorities must be informed of any change in your business address


  • Firstly, notify ‘Companies House’ and this can be done online at https://www.gov.uk/file-changes-to-a-company-with-companies-house, who will, in turn, update the HMRC Corporation Tax Office.


  • Advise the HMRC VAT Office in writing if any of the business circumstances on your VAT Registration Application have changed, using form VAT484 which is available at www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/vat484.pdf.



  • If you are regulated for Money Laundering with HMRC (or any other organisation) they must be informed


  • Update the information to your pension provider.


  • Your Bank either in person at a branch or by telephone.


  • The provider of your professional indemnity or any other business insurance by email. They might charge a small fee for the change.


  • Send an advance email or some correspondence to your clients and suppliers about the change in address.