How to Manage Time?


It was a few years ago when my business was multiplying I was pretty much adding 10 clients every month to the business and that meant there was there were lots of work and lots of chaos so which is when I discovered a technique for time management.


Firstly I would like you to do is to write down exactly what you think three things you can do are really important for your Business/Job as well as for your personal life and then put them in this matrix this is called  Covey’s time management matrix.






       DO IT

  • Crisis
  • Pressing problems
  • Deadline-driven projects



  • Mission Vision Values
  • Relationship Building
  • New Opportunities
  • SOPs
  • Competitor Analysis

Not Important


  • Sales calls
  • Non-important emails
  • Some meetings
  • Admin tasks


  • Some emails
  • Some Calls
  • Time Wasters
  • Pleasant activities, etc



So the way it works is you look at your life it’s like this bucket if you fill the bucket with sand and peppers there would be very little space for rocks on the other hand if you fill it with rock the pebble and sand are going to make their own space.

  1. So rock is the really important things that are building relationship with your loved ones with your family 
  2. In your business, it’s with your clients with your team
  3. Pebbles are things that are less important
  4. Sand is everything else 


so it will be really useful if you can do this exercise of writing down your role as an employer for example what you need to do to be more connected with your team and as a service provider what you need to do to be more connected with your customers.

As a father, you know what you need to do to be more connected with your kids and the same with your parents and partner and then schedule them to put them in your calendar and prioritise them.


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