Signing legal documents can be time consuming with a reliance on version control and highlighting changes in Word. There can also be costs associated with printing and couriering documents to different parts of the world or simply waiting for sales people to arrange a meeting just to sign the contract.

Online legal signing platforms

However, there are now online legal signing platforms such as DocuSign that enable you to pass documents back and forth and sign them using an electronic signature. This enables contract signing to be completed in record time, saving money too. You can also try before you buy, as many offer free trials. The benefits of these platforms is that they enable you to save a lot of time and receive the legal documents straight to your desktop in seconds. They are even being used in clinical trial environments where quality assurance is paramount.

Connect legal signing with existing IT systems

There are many different solutions available including Signinghub, Crunchsign and Hellosign. The latter has an API so that the solution can be plugged into existing IT systems enabling documents to get signed even faster. Another benefit of such systems is that they can make various fields mandatory to sign before the document is classed as complete. This saves time receiving documents that may have missing information and need signing again.

Contracts are such a crucial part of any business and it is good to know that such online platforms exist, negating the need for so many face-to-face meetings and getting business done quickly and easily. Signing legal documents online can save companies a significant amount of time and money while simultaneously improving their customers’ experience of the process.


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