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Understanding the Recent Changes to Non-Domicile Rules

In our latest video discussion, we delved into the significant changes to the taxation rules for non-UK domiciled individuals, as outlined in the recent spring budget. The abolition of the current tax regime for non-doms and the introduction of a residency-based system mark a significant shift in the tax landscape. Our experts provided a comprehensive overview of these changes and their implications, ensuring that you’re equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate the evolving tax environment effectively.


Discover the Power of Data Capturing (Hubdoc)

In addition to staying informed about regulatory changes, we’re also committed to providing you with tools that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounting processes. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Hubdoc – a powerful document management and data extraction tool that seamlessly integrates with Xero.

With Hubdoc, you can say goodbye to manual document collection and data entry. The platform automates the process of gathering financial documents, organizes them in a centralized location, and extracts key data using advanced OCR technology. Best of all, Hubdoc is free for Xero users, making it a valuable addition to your accounting toolkit.

Whether you’re looking to streamline expense claims, improve record-keeping, or simplify reconciliation processes, Hubdoc has you covered. To learn more about how Hubdoc can benefit your business, contact us.

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